My relationship to the sea is characterized by a fascination that I try to brings with caution and a certain mistrust of the emotional subjectivity when I am working on a canvas.

I essentially feel colors in terms of emission and intensity of radiation. Subtle reality because the topic is made of variable transparency, air, water, light. ... How is the interaction of elements, how does matter receives and transmits light? What happens when  light approaches matter? …

During the slow process of creation, multiple layers of glaze are carefully organized to achieve the ultimate illusion of nature. The picture acquires its own personality and slowly releases the work and the research content, to deliver an intensified and densified vision of what it represents. More than twelve years dedicated to the representation of sea and the ocean did not affect my enthusiasm to solve the mystery of an equation that will allow me to paint, with colored pigments that cumulatively tend to black, a nature made up of colors, which cumulatively offer light.

My Journey & Most Recent Exhibitions

2017; Permanent Artist at Galerie Otto Michael A. Otto Schrammerstr. 3 80333 München

2016; Permanent artist at Gallery Maner, Pont-Aven, france

2014: Permanent exhibition in Art'Gallery, Hossegor, France.

Exposition collective, may 22 to June22. Place du grand Sablon, Belgium.

Permanent exhibition at Gallery Lauth, Mundenheimer Str. 252, 67061 Ludwigshafen.

Fine Art Timeline:

1981 - 82 : Fine Art at the Academy of St Luc Art College, Brussels, Belgium 

1983 - 87 : Sculpture at the St Gilles Academy of fine arts, Brussels, Belgium 

1987 - 89 : Worked to restore sculptures for the ministery of national education, Brussels, belgium

1987 - 89 : Fine arts at the Brussels-midi academy of fine arts, Belgium 

1984 - 97 : Various commercial art related projects, such as logos, illustrations for companies. Belgium, France.

1992 - 93 : Paris St Germain Fine art College : figure, Portrait, Clothed Model, Flesh Tones, anatomy, Composition... 

World trade center

World trade center