A collection of Kind Words

Sometimes. It’s not that often I’m afraid. It should be more frequent. But sometimes when I get that little extra moment in the house to breath a little in between work and family stuff I get to reflect on you’re most beautiful work for us to date. The seascape is extraordinarily beautiful. It gives me immense pleasure. From me to you, thank you again. 


Dear Eleonore,

I am already buying a series of your paintings from a gallery in Brussels 

What you have is beyond talent.  I've never seen anyone capture light reflection and water, sunlight and sky as you have. Not only beautiful paintings, but very uplifting and relaxing.  A pleasure to look at. 

Best wishes and kind regards,


Dear Mrs. Bernair,

Congratulations for your work. Your paintings are simply delightful. 

Michele Pilato

Dear Eleonore,

Thank you again for these beautiful pieces of art.  It is an honor to have these paintings displayed in our home.  It was a pleasure and an honor being able to meet an artist like yourself.

I really enjoyed seeing the process.  It really turned into a beautiful work of art.

Thank you so much.


Dear Mrs. Bernair,

Congratulations for your work. Your paintings are simply delightful. I live in Sicily . Last year I was in Brittany and I passed by Pont Aven and walked in Galerie Maner. I was fascinated by the colours of your seascapes: they could be and you could observe those anywhere in my beloved island. I just contacted the galerie, having in mind to bring home a couple of your paintings, if negotiation goes well.
My best regards,
Michele Ailato

 Dear Eleonore,

The painting has been stretched well and it is already on the wall without any problem. It looks like a window on the sea, exactly how I wanted it to be! When you look at it for a while it looks real…

Max Morini

Damn, what a painting!

very free and clever. Full of maestria and nonchalance, 

Congradulations! Very impressed! (again...)


Dear Eleonore,

we received the painting last friday and we love it!  

Yvette Galmard

Dear Elenore,

I was introduced to your beautiful art a few weeks ago. My husband and I were drawn to the beautiful artwork. WOW! I just looked through your seascapes and you are an incredible incredible artist. Your works are amazing. I was completely drawn into them and they looked so real ... like i was right there in front of the sea. I wanted to touch base, congratulate you on your work and let you know how special your work is.